Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Windows 8 Can't Open VHD Files after Installing VirtualBox

After installing the new Microsoft Windows 8 a couple of days ago only to find that Hyper-V won't work on Windows 8 unless you are running a Intel i Processor or higher or a AMD that supports SLAT (Second Level Address Translation) I was forced to use my Second Favourite Virtualization Software - VirtualBox. However this caused me problems with Windows 8 not opening VHD Files any more.

After doing the usual searches on Google which will normally give me an answer and finding nothing (Not surprising seems Windows 8 hasn't been out long) I took it upon myself to solve the problem.  I created myself another VirtualBox virtual machine running a fresh copy of Windows 8 in a VHD

I then opened the Registry Editor:
Windows Key + R -> Type "regedit" -> Press Enter
Then did a search for .VHD by pressing:

Windows 8 Registry Fix for Automatic VHD File Opening
After comparing the two registry entries it was obvious what VirtualBox had done to my system.
The screenshot above clearly showing the registry change VirtualBox had made to VHD Extensions on my new Windows 8 system. The highlighted one is the Default setting for VHD files on Windows 8

The fix was really straight forward all I needed to do was copy the settings from the fresh Windows 8 Registry into my broken Windows 8 Registry. After that when double clicking on a Windows .VHD File I was alerted in the Top Right corner of the screen that there is new software to open that kind of file and gave me the option of using Windows Explorer to open VHD Files

After selecting that option the VHD Icons then changed back to the original Hard Drive Image and the VHD File was successfully Mounted just like it used to.

If you have any issues resolving this problem yourself feel free to contact us on our website One IT Support Auckland and we'll fix it up for you.