Monday, August 1, 2011

Expanding Hyper-V Guest Virtual Hard Disks

We have just been involved in a Hyper-V project which required us to expand the size of the virtual hard disks (VHD) of several Virtual Machines. The customer had a Hyper-V Server which had a number of Windows and Linux Virtual Guests running on top of it. Both the Windows and Linux virtual machines had been created with VHD files that were sufficient at the time but the servers had since outgrown them. We were familiar with Expanding Windows Guest virtual hard disks on Hyper-V however had not had to perform the task on a Linux Virtual Server.

After some searching on the web using every search phrase we could imagine (Expand Linux Hyper-V Guest VHD, Increase the size of your Linux Virtual Machine on Hyper-V, etc) we finally came across a couple of articles that were directed at adding additional hard disks to a Linux LVM. We were then able to combine our previous Hub on Expanding a Windows Guest VHD and the information we found on adding additional space to a Linux LVM (Logical Volume Manager) to create our Hub on Expanding the Disk Volume on a Hyper-V Linux Guest.

Please check it out and if you have any questions or perhaps need remote support to assist you in performing the expansion then get in contact with our team at One IT Services.